Billy Graham Phone Ministry Report (As Of June 19): There were 4 first time Salvations, 5 Rededications & 1 Assurance of Salvation -10 Decisions. Volunteers are still needed for the Billy Graham Phone Ministry. Contact Ed Young at 400-9498 if you would like to volunteer.–Ed Young, Director of TVTM

The Billy Graham TVTM Ministry at First Baptist Church is a fantastic ministry.  Three days a month First Baptist Church answers calls for the the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association television broadcasts.  We have 5 phone lines that are maned by volunteers from our church as well as from neighboring churches.  After the TV broadcasts, the calls start coming in and our trained volunteers help the caller with their need.  While that is going on, another group of volunteers are praying for the callers.  Records are kept of folks who make decisions for Christ with first time professions of faith, re-dedications and assurances of salvation.  We ring a bell for every salvation.  This is an exciting ministry and if you would like to be a part of it, contact our church office and someone will assist you.