August 4th , 2019 – Sunday AM – “Tribulations” – Revelations Ch 6

August 4th , 2019 – Sunday AM – “Tribulations” – Revelations Ch 6

Pastor Dr. Mike Odom

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  1. Thank you for the audio sermons. My husband and I attend the campground service when we are in Maggie Valley. Unfortunately that is not every week. I didn’t want to miss this series on the the second coming. So glad I am able to listen on the weeks when we can’t be there. We enjoy the preaching and the music from Teddy and others.

    1. Hi Jan,
      Thank you so much for your comment. It’s a blessing just to hear and share the word of God through Pastor Mike and good to know that someone, somewhere is listening! We hope to see you at the campground or at the main campus every time and anytime you can make it. God bless and all the best!

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